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» No Blog Zone? from Logic Emotion
Greg Verdino recently wrote:Today, I am off to Nielsen BuzzMetrics' clients-only CGM Summit 2006. The agenda is cram packed with sessions covering all aspects of Consumer Generated Media (CGM) including an overview of where we are today, why people do [Read More]

» Should Conferences Ban Blogging? from Micro Persuasion
Photo by penmachine Dave Armano is watching an interesting thread started by Greg Verdino. Apparently blogging was banned at this week's Nielsen BuzzMetric client-only conference on consumer generated media. Greg says: So how can you host an event abou... [Read More]

» No blogging allowed at "consumer generated media" conference from Boing Boing
The Nielsen Buzzmetrics conference on "Consumer Generated Media" (e.g., blogs, Flickr streams, youtubes, Wikipedia, etc) has a blanket prohibition on any reporting or blogging. Now, there's nothing wrong with an off-the-record conference, I've attended... [Read More]

» Neilsen Is Clueless from /Message
Neilsen is holding a conference on User Generated Content. Arggg!!! The aren't "users", it's not "content", and it isn't "generated" -- can't we get rid of this stupid term? It's the edglings, the people formerly known as the audience, the [Read More]

» Are Private Conversations History? from AttentionMax
Should all conversations be on the record and fare game for blogging? Over the weekend, several bloggers, in light of a posting from Digitas Greg Verdino, asked why the recent Nielsen BuzzMetrics client-only CGM Summit wasn't open t... [Read More]

» Consumer Generated Media from The Rationalist Manifesto
The No blogging allowed at consumer generated media conference reported over at Boing Boing via Greg Verdinos Marketing Blog, really struck a nerve with me. The name itself of course shows that the conference organize... [Read More]

» No Blogging Please, We're Nielsen from Global Nerdy
Nielsen BuzzMetrics hosted a Consumer Generated Media conference where, as this attendee puts it, they didn't let their consumers generate ... [Read More]